Monday, December 8, 2008

Just what is The Snow White Syndrome?

Let me clarify one thing up front; I am not a transexual.

I can sense the sigh of relief in some of you.

The Snow White Syndrome?  What is it?  Let me back up.

This past summer Guinness and I had the honor of being rescued by Naveen, chauffeur to The Celtics, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck; pretty much any big named Bostonian.  He is a very sweet man who drives a bling bling Escalade and saw that two damsels perhaps needed some help.  I won't go into the details but imagine the two of us and a group that I named, The Seven Dwarfs.  From then on whenever retelling the story, we would refer to ourselves as Cinderella and Snow White.  Based on appearance.  Nothing else.  And let's face it, I would be Snow Brown.  Snow Mocha.  Snow Latte?

Yesterday FP posted some pics on FB and I said that she could be Little Red Riding Hood to complete our fairy tale nicknames.  I'm thinking based on appearance.  She is so much deeper than me, snort, snort, and was thinking personality.  I scoffed at the idea but then really thought about it.  OMG, I think I might be suffering from The Snow White Syndrome!

So I'm thinking SWS in terms of she's this chick who likes to take care of "little men."  I'm like totally freaking out here.  I kind of feel like a big sister to so many of my guy friends 
(and all taller than me thank you.)  I give love advice, business advice, blog advice, make sure that they are sleeping, make sure they are fed (I have a serious feeding issue with them-of course I don't actually cook most of it), help their girlfriends pick out presents, help them pick out presents for their girlfriends, pick out the occasional tee shirt, take them out every once in awhile whether out to eat or a show.  Kind of like Snow White.  I mean I have never and will never clean up after them and like wash their toilets , but I do feel slightly maternal and protective.  Can you blame me?  I'm a mom, eldest of three and a teacher.  A triple threat.  I don't wear red headbands, sing to birds and would never wear blue and yellow together.  So not my colors.

I start googling SWS and am horrified to see that the most common definition is for transexuals.  Living in a fantasy world.  Being envious.  No, no, no, totally not me.  I mean yeah, I can swear like a sailor and deadlift heavy weights but that doesn't make me Tootsie's best friend.  Transexuals do not wear Joe's Jeans, Chanel nail polish and Tory Burch flats.  OOh, maybe they do.................

Just wanted to clarify that I'm thinking SWS in terms of taking care of the people around you.  Envy is never an emotion that has played a role in my life.  Sure, I have been wishful, but never envious.  To me envy brings out negativity and can cloud your actions and behaviors. Wishful on the other hand?    You've got to be somewhat of a dreamer.  Wish upon a star.  I cannot believe I just wrote that; who am I now Cinderella?  Maybe I'm a hybrid?  Snowella, Cindersnow.  You know, Cindy does end up with the killer house, title, handsome guy and killer shoes.  Okay, now I'm getting mad.  There needs to be a new fairy tale chick.  I'm going back to my old favorite.  Wonder Woman.  You can't beat high heeled red boots, driving a glass plane and having Superman and Batman in your posse.

And take a look at those legs; the girl obviously deadlifts, squats and does lunges.  But from the looks of her chest, I have a lot more melon training to do........


mindygirl77 said...

Snow white syndrome is actually a girl who suffers at the hands or mouth of her mother. It occurs sometime after ppuberty in young girls and continues into adulthood because the aging mother sees her daughter blossoming into a beautiful woman with out fat, streatchmarks, cellulite, etc.... The daughter is young, fresh, and full of life (not to mention attractive to men even the mothers age)...Therefore mothers will in normal circumstnaces try to imitate their daughters by dressing like them, acting like them, etc or in extreme and dangerous cases break up their relationships, manipulate them against their friends, tell them they are worthless sluts, and even go as far to attempt to sabatage any plans for their life. So while the desire to take care of people is a more pleasant way to look at it, the actual snow white syndrome goes deeper than that and it is very harmful to all involved

mindygirl77 said...

Snow white syndrome is abuse or mistreatment of any kind a girl suffers at the hands of her mother due to her mother being jealous and bitter towards her blossoming YOUNG daughter. The mother sees herself as old and ugly, fat, with streatchmarks, etc (caused by the daughter at one time) and sees her daughter as the beautiful woman she onxce was and is now attractive to men even the mothers age...This causes jealousy and resentment and the girl through her adult years will face sometimes abuse, sabatage, and even cruel words from her mom